New Survey Claims Under Armour Shoes Are Officially Uncool

admin September 21, 2017 Comments Off on New Survey Claims Under Armour Shoes Are Officially Uncool

A new survey by Wells Fargo has officially confirmed it: Under Armour shoes are uncool. The study, which was aimed at young male consumers, found that only 27% of the participants scored the brand highly, with adidas hitting 70% and Nike coming top with 81% of consumers liking the brand.

The survey had more bad news for Under Armour when it came to whether or not respondents were more likely to start buying the brand’s footwear. Around 33% of participants said that they were less likely to buy Under Armour shoes, while only 17% said the likelihood of them buying Under Armour footwear had increased. This gave the brand a net score of -17%, putting it at bottom place in the study.

The news from Wells Fargo perhaps isn’t surprising, with a number of recent stories pointing to the brand’s declining fortunes. Last month, Kevin Durant claimed that “nobody wants to play in Under Armours,” which sent the company’s stocks crashing, while a few weeks before that the brand announced that its sales performance had led to it cutting 280 jobs.

As it attempts to change this perception, Under Armour has recently confirmed a multi-platform partnership with A$AP Rocky, that will see the rapper’s AWGE branch team up with the brand to develop new products and build a series of philanthropic community-based programs.

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