#TECH: C SEED Introduces the World’s Largest Widescreen TV

admin June 14, 2017 Comments Off on #TECH: C SEED Introduces the World’s Largest Widescreen TV

C SEED Entertainment Systems has unveiled the world’s largest television screen. The C SEED 262 has record-shattering dimensions with its width measuring at 20.16 feet and height at 8.44 feet. It includes a 4K LED TV display with black LED technology, ultra high definition, and a brightness level that enhances the viewing experience throughout the day. There are ten high-end speakers built by L-Acoustics integrated into the TV for total quality surround sound, a 4K media server, and a motorized artistic fabric cover that conceals the screen when you’re not watching.

The eight-year-old Vienna-based luxury technology retailer initially received worldwide acclaim and a Red Dot design award for its C SEED 201 — an outdoor TV that descended into the ground. Recognition for the tech company’s latest revolutionary home entertainment system should follow. For $549,000 USD, the world’s largest television can be yours. Luckily, C SEED will install the 1,764 pound TV for you for an additional $38,500 USD. Visit C SEED’s main site for additional specs and details on how to purchase.


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